Botox/Dysport Appointment BANKING


  • 30 minutes
  • 1,000 US dollars

Service Description

Online Botox/Dysport banking is a convenient way to purchase a $1,000 credit with our office which allows you to lock in 100 units of Botox (or equivalent units of Dysport) at a discounted price of $10/unit (regular pricing is $13/unit). You will have access to this credit for one full calendar year after purchase. It may be used over the span of several appointments within this time frame. Average dosing varies person-to-person, but you can expect to used roughly 20-50 units per session depending on your individual cosmetic goals. Call (310) 887-9999 with any questions about details prior to booking. DISCLAIMER: Be advised that you are purchasing a CREDIT for appointments at which your Botox/Dysport service will be rendered by a licensed practitioner. We do NOT sell or ship Botox/Dysport product to any person, company, or other entity.

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